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We have had some reasonably successful anthologies here in the Imaginarium. Is there any interest among members to produce another one? And if so, who would like to volunteer to post it this time?


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Any writers out there interested in brain storming some ideas for this?

I love a good anthology collaboration.


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You could definitely count me in, Doc!


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Ill be in


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I'm in


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r futrell wrote:

I'm in

Working on it smile


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Sounds like fun.


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Update: Coming Soon:  A Different Sort of Collaborative Anthology:

" The Mad Hatter's Tea Party"

( A New Anthology from: Sechler, Kossettes, Acula. )

Rules and thematic inspiration to follow.


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The 1st of 3 invitations:

http://wuriya.com/581667-killing- … e-of-alice


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hmmm I might possibly be convinced to try this..but timing might be an issue.

I have a crazy deadline at the moment. The kind of deadline that creates a hollow pit inside you that nonetheless appears to be full of sharp fingernails. That whispers 'sleep is for the weak' in a voice so bass-toned you'd swear it has vocal cords made from bone. That wants to make me SUFFER for my art.

When that job is done..... I will be positively, indubitably, undeniably, be batty enough to claim a hat. And wear it with panache. Probably on my head.




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Day after day.
We promise to make you suffer for your art here;
such is the life of a colorful expressionist that has chosen the way of words.
We, too, have a deadline ourselves,
a job to do;
however, it takes a very long time to brew our Tea here,
up or down,
in Wonderland.
So, have no worries, Julian,
our mathematics are awakeningly trigonometrical.
Oh my, my,
ma, ma ,ma, ma,
We will add it up,
fill the hollow, and shun
those scraping voids where words grow out of,
  cultivate new seeds from other spaces
that have never been spoken of,
we always get things done.
One way, or another.
We will get to the bottom of this.
We are the Hatter,
and ,
we are all Mad here,
from our just and rightfully so,

-Madison Hatter


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The Clockwork Alchemist blinked as the wordage passed over, around and through. Some of it felt sticky to his ears. Luckily for him he wore his special hat, folded from the finest rice paper infused with cranberries for just such an emergency. It was careful hidden beneath the straw hat and thrice protected by the confectionery saccharine brilliance of his vanilla ice cream hat.

Yet sweet mist from his absolute zero brain and icy thoughts permeated the stickiness of the flabulent words.

The Madison Hatter spoke of time as a free and abstract concept, tethered by nothing. No clockwork. No regulation. A ball of timey wimey stuff without music or pathways. He felt lost in the utter immensity of the concept until he realized he needed more sugar to fully understand and couldn't find the bowl.

Oh the gearings! Such tragic tragedy!
To be so close to the knowing and have it slip through his metal fingers for wont of sweet power.

He would just have to be patient and biding.

Sugar would come...it would only be a matter of



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http://wuriya.com/583029-killing- … -chapter-1